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AISR Staff Directory

Dan G. Kipnis, MSI

Dan Kipnis, Senior Education Services Librarian, is a member of the Education Services department within Academic & Instructional Support & Resources. He teaches workshops, participates in staff development and produces promotional and instructional materials for the Scott Memorial Library, AISR and TJU. He is also the manager of the Jefferson Digital Commons, helping faculty, staff and students with self-archiving and original publication online.

Interests & Expertise

Dan delivers information management education to meet the learning needs of TJU faculty, staff, students and researchers. Throughout the year you can find him teaching numerous workshops on how to use knowledge-based resources such as MEDLINE and PubMed. In addition, he offers workshops on bibliographic management software including Reference Manager and Endnote.
When not teaching workshops, Dan preaches the benefits of open access publishing.

Just remember. Have a question? Need a plan? Look no further, Dan's the man!

Background & Training

Dan is a Medical Informatics MBL/NLM Course Fellow. He earned his certificate at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA. Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine in 2005.

He obtained a bachelor's degree from McGill University in Montreal Canada and a master's degree from the School of Information at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where he met his charming wife Trish. Go Blue!

Professional Activities

Dan has served on the board of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Medical Library Association in a variety of capacities, is a member of the American College of Physicians Book Advisory Committee, and is currently a member of the national MLA Continuing Education Committee.

Publications and Presentations

Search the Jefferson Digital Commons for access to the available electronic versions of the papers below.

Koopman, Ann and Kipnis, Dan. "Feeding the Fledgling Repository: Starting an Institutional Repository at an Academic Health Sciences Library."
Medical Reference Services Quarterly 28(2):111-122, April-June 2009.

Kipnis, Daniel G. and Frisby, Anthony J. "Preparing an Advanced Information Literacy Curriculum for Graduate Students" in An Introduction to Instructional Services in Academic Libraries, 229-237, New York, NY, Taylor and Francis Group, 2008.

Koopman A, Kipnis DG. Poster: “The Jefferson Digital Commons-Starting an Institutional Repository at an Academic Health Sciences Library.”  Presented at the national MLA conference,
Chicago, IL, May 2008.

de Richemond, J, Kaplan GE, Kipnis DG, Long N. Poster: ”Philadelphia Regional Chapter of MLA Website Uses Web 2.0 Features.”  Presented at the national MLA conference, Chicago, IL, May 2008.

Kipnis DG. CE (1.6 credit): “Systematic Reviews, RSS, and Conducting Nursing Research” Presented to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital nursing staff, March 5, 2008.

“Analysis and Lessons Learned Instituting an Instant Messaging Reference Service at an Academic Health Sciences Library: The First Year.”  MRSQ, v.27 (1) pp.33-51, 2008

Kipnis DG. "Effective Literature Searching for Nursing Now: Key Concepts and Resources." Presented at second annual Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Nursing Research Day: September 27, 2007.

Kipnis DG. “Can they mix?  Baby Boomers and IM.”  Presented at NY/NJ MLA Conference, Montclair University, NJ, October 18, 2007.

Kipnis, D.G., Kaplan, G.E. Poster: Broaden Your Reach:  Instant Messaging from the Reference Desk—It’s Worth It! Presented at the national MLA conference, Philadelphia PA, May 2007.

von Isenburg, M., Kipnis, D.G., Pernell, R. Poster:  Changing with the Times?  Library Associations and New Librarians. Presented at the national MLA conference, Philadelphia PA, May 2007.

Kipnis, D.G. "YO!  Bon Appétit—Philadelphia Style," MLA News, April 2007, No. 295, pp.14-16.

Kipnis, D.G., Frisby, A.J. "Information Literacy and Library Attitudes of Occupational Therapy Students," Medical Reference Services Quarterly 2006, 25(4) 11 - 20.

Kipnis DG. "Teaching and Learning Online: Building and Delivering Innovative Courses." Faculty development workshops, Thomas Jefferson University, presented in June and July 2006.

Frisby A.J., Kipnis, D.G. "Has the Internet improved medical student information literacy skills? A retrospective case study: 1995-2005," Poster presented at the national Medical Library Association meeting. Phoenix AZ, May 2006.

Frisby, A.J., Kipnis, D.G., Mikita, E.G. "Developing and Sustaining a Web-Based Library Newsletter," Medical Reference Services Quarterly 2006, 25(1) 17 - 25.

Bridges, J., Miller, C.J., Kipnis, D.G. "Librarians in the Woods Hole Biomedical Informatics Course," Medical Reference Services Quarterly 2006, 25(1) 71-81.

Kipnis, D.G. Cover image "Eel Pond" Medical Reference Services Quarterly 2006, 25(1).

Mago, R., Kipnis, D.G. "Continued Inappropriate Use of the Terms 'Typical'and 'Atypical' Antipsychotics" Psychiatry 3(2), 2006, pp. 20-21.

Presented at first annual Thomas Jefferson Nursing Research Day: The Nuts and Bolts of Research "Effective Literature Searching for Nursing Now: Key Concepts and Resouces" June 8, 2005, Bluemle Auditorium, Thomas Jefferson University.

"Developing and Sustaining a Web-Based Library Newsletter" Poster presented at the national Medical Library Association meeting. San Antonio Texas, May 17, 2005.

Childs, G., Kipnis, D. "Educating Generation X & Y: Teaching Tips for Librarians" MRSQ 23(4), Winter 2004, pp.25-33. Selected for the Library Instruction Round Table’s (LIRT) list of top 20 instruction articles for 2004.

"Multi-disciplinary Medical Case Study Development for First-Year Medical Students" Poster presented at the national Medical Library Association meeting. Washington DC, May 2004

Frisby, A., Kipnis, D. “Using Computer-Based Case Studies for Developing Information Searching Skills and Implementing Evidence-Based Medicine at Jefferson Medical College" A Guide to Developing End User Education Programs in Medical Libraries, Connor, E. (Ed.), Haworth Press, 2005, pp. 99-115.

"Teaching Medical Informatics Online" Academic Exchange Quarterly. Vol. 7(1), Spring 2003, pp.11-16.

Mini-Medical School for Librarians. Thomas Jefferson University. March 28, 2003. Organized CE event for 84 east coast librarians for the Philadelphia Regional Chapter of MLA.

Internet, Your Computer and YOU: Hands on Skills for Using Today's Technology. TJU Continuing Professional Education Interdisciplinary Development Series. Feb. 2002 and 2003.

"Bibliographic Instruction: The Need to Edutain" LOEX News, Vol. 29(1), Spring 2002, pp. 9-10.

"E-Learning Tools: The Online Perspective" Presented at the Computers in Libraries Conference, March 15, 2002, Washington DC.

Personal Interests

Originally from Washington DC, Dan is fluent in Spanish, is an avid music and sports fan, a pop culture and political junkie, and can expound for hours on the virtues of Netflix.

Dan Kipnis

Dan Kipnis

Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street,
Room 410
Philadelphia, PA 19107
fax: 215-923-3203
AIM screen name: Kipnis007


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