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CTL and SML Departmental & Staff Directory

Christopher D. Braster

Chris Braster is the Assistant Director of Educational Technologies. Educational Technologies is a division of the Center for Teaching and Learning and is responsible for server administration, database development, administration of the Blackboard learning management system, administration for the campus-wide lecture capture system and software & web development. Development includes production of TJU's distance learning courses, iOS application development and development of online resources for campus-based courses.

Interests & Expertise

Chris can usually be found in his office coding in ColdFusion and drinking lots of coffee.

Some of his interests are cooking and being a CSA (community supported agriculture) member.

Background & Training

Chris obtained a bachelor's degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia. His field of study was Instructional Technology and Design. Chris' final two co-op experiences were at AISR and he has continued to spend his Mondays through Fridays here since graduation in 1996.

Awards & Certifications

TJU New Leader Fundamentials Certification (December 10, 2013)

Jefferson School of Health Professions, Outstanding Service Recognition Award (June 1, 2010)

Introduction to Clinical Medicine II Course & Second Year Medical School Education, Outstanding Service Award (2009)

Blackboard Server Administration Certification (April 2008)

Recent Papers/Projects

"Peer Assessment Among First Year Medical Students in Anatomy" (2013)
Department of Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Anatomical Sciences Education 08/2013; DOI:10.1002/ase.1394

"Neurological Examination of Limbs" (2011)
Thomas Jefferson University

"Symptom Assessment Study" (2011)
Thomas Jefferson University

"An Online Commitment to Change Project: Report on Initial Experience" (2011)
Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University
Originally presented at the SACME 2011 Spring Meeting

"How Online Evaluation Supports An Academic CME Program" (2010)
Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University
Originally presented at the SACME 2010 Spring Meeting

"Eastern Pennsylvania - Delaware Geriatric Education Center" (2008)
Thomas Jefferson University

"Jefferson InterProfessional Education Center" (2008)
Thomas Jefferson University

"Jefferson Clinical Images" (2008)
Academic & Instructional Support & Resources

"Resident Resources: Cardiovascular Medicine; Vol. 4" (2007)
Thomas Jefferson University

"AISR Learning Resources Media Server" (2005)
Academic & Instructional Support & Resources

"Jefferson Multimedia Database" (2004)
Academic & Instructional Support & Resources

"Infant Patient Encounter" (2003)
Thomas Jefferson University
Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins

Personal Interests

A majority of Chris' free time is spent with family. When Jackie and Kara are asleep for the day, he likes to watch Philly sports, spend his time immersed in a good book, or play on his iPad.

Over the last couple years, Chris has discovered a love of cooking.

Chris Braster

Scott Memorial Library
1020 Walnut Street
Suite 404
Philadelphia, PA 19107
fax: 215-923-3203