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JEFFLINE Milestones Tour


Times have changed on the Web since 2004, and in the way AISR looks at customer service. The 2004 site organized itself by AISR units and forced users (YOU) to figure out where in AISR to go for what you wanted. The pulldown menus had become increasingly complex, so as we did usability studies, it was clear that more straightforward navigation would be appreciated.

Students, staff and faculty members had opportunities to participate in usability studies, focus groups, and a public comment period for a draft site. The new design accomplishes several things:

JEFFLINE 2008 Homepage
  • It reorganizes the site according to what YOU want to do, rather who we are.
  • It unifies navigation for almost all AISR services and resources. Special services, like the Archives, continue to have their own look and feel.
  • Cascading menus are gone. Instead, link lists are right up front on the pages.
  • From any page, you may search directly into the Library catalog (ThomCat), PubMed, Journals, or the JEFFLINE website.
  • The populations served by the former "My JEFFLINE for ..." communities are now listed right up front: Nurses, Students, Researchers, Alumni, and so on. Resources of special interest to each population are arranged for easy access.
  • Expanded content & easier access to Learning Resources and Medical Media Services pages.
  • News from the AISR News blog takes up less space on the homepage and community pages. Now that you can subscribe to it with your RSS reader and get regular updates, we don't need to feature it so prominently.
  • It introduces breadcrumb trails to help you find your way around in the site, and allows you to increase or decrease your font size as needed.
  • And last but not least, JEFFLINE window behavior has changed. It no longer takes over the window when you link to JEFFLINE from Pulse, and it no longer opens new windows whenever you follow a link to a non-Jefferson resource. This should be really popular!

This interface was released in September of 2008.

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