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JEFFLINE Milestones Tour

JEFFLINE has evolved continuously since it was first released as an online catalog in 1986. The current interface, released in September 2008, reflects JEFFLINE's series of responses to changes in technology and on campus. As a product of AISR, Academic & Instructional Support & Resources, JEFFLINE reflects the services and resources available from our divisions. An AISR team works regularly with Jefferson students, faculty and staff to adapt JEFFLINE to ongoing campus needs.

Modern JEFFLINE offers a rich environment of

  • curriculum support,
  • library services,
  • clinical resources,
  • academic communication, and
  • research support.

Special pages bring together resources of particular interest to populations such as students and clinicians. AISR's blog and suggestions box accept comments for ongoing improvements.

While JEFFLINE is primarily the academic Web site of Thomas Jefferson University and the Jefferson Hospital, JEFFLINE also serves users beyond the TJU campus. Jefferson Health System members, affiliated hospitals, TJU alumni, and members of the public all use resources on JEFFLINE.

If you'd like to see how far JEFFLINE has come over the years, start the JEFFLINE Tour.