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JEFFLINE's office was redecorated several times over the years, but the metaphor remained the same:

AISR continued to build JEFFLINE with additional resources, and to provide hosting to campus departments and services. The office metaphor was inviting, use of the Web exploded, and so did JEFFLINE use.

New resources were added to JEFFLINE:

  • AISR moved ThomCat, the online catalog, to new Web-based software.
  • Databases such as MEDLINE and Micromedex developed Web-based forms.
  • Reference questions, book renewals and other library services could be handled online.
  • AISR provided distance learning courses and computer-based learning programs for curriculum support.
  • AISR developed educational products for commercial sale, both with faculty and independently.
  • Librarians created a virtual reference collection, electronic handouts, and other tools.
  • Informatics instruction was added to the curriculum (JanPlan).
  • CourseInfo, introduced in 2000, provided a quick and easy path for faculty to put their courses online.

JEFFLINE use continued to grow:

  • JEFFLINE logged just under 200,000 homepage hits in 1994, compared to well over 1.5 million in 2000/2001.

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