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Campus Connections

JEFFLINE added Campus-Wide Information Services in 1993

Jefferson recognized the need for units to collaborate on academic information and curriculum support. In 1992, Academic Information Services and Research (AISR) was formed from the Library, Medical Media Services, and the Office of Academic Computing. This merger brought together instructional designers, computer programmers, media specialists and information specialists.

That year, AISR created Jefferson's first campus-wide information service. Departments and educational materials were the first to join what had previously been just library content. In 1994, JEFFLINE added email services for medical students and advisors. JEFFLINE was the main electronic presence for Thomas Jefferson University.

The campus was adapting rapidly to an increasingly electronic environment.

  • Over 2,500 hours were logged on the PINE email system during the first two months of the service.
  • Database use climbed to over 14,500 hours in 1993.
  • JEFFLINE's dial-up version experimented with new text-based gopher technology.
  • AISR sponsored regular "Internet Day" programs to help Jeffersonians learn new technologies.

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