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JEFFLINE is the academic and scholarly information system of Thomas Jefferson University, and its participating member subscribers. It is produced by the four divisions of Academic & Instructional Support & Resources (AISR).

Access Policy

Much of JEFFLINE is freely accessible to any user via the Internet. However, some portions of JEFFLINE are licensed for use by specific populations and require a TJU Campus Key and password for access. Restricted services include databases, electronic full text materials, and credit courses.

Qualified individuals may look up or manage Campus Keys from our registration page. If you do not have a Campus Key, you may review the policies and apply for one online. For any questions regarding membership services or privileges, please contact Roderick MacNeil, Deputy University Librarian, at 215-503-2827 or

Librarians at hospitals that host Jefferson students for training receive special support from AISR staff. Learn more about our affiliate support program, and about the regular privileges extended to affiliated hospital staff.


JEFFLINE is an official publication of Thomas Jefferson University. JEFFLINE's original content, both text and images, is copyrighted by Thomas Jefferson University. To reproduce portions of it in any form, contact the JEFFLINE Editor at

Please read and abide by the University's Email and Computer Use Policy. Access available from on-campus compters only.


JEFFLINE hosts University-related instructional, research, and academic material. Pages which are strictly clinical or administrative in nature are hosted by other servers on campus, and are accessible through the Thomas Jefferson University home page or Pulse, the campus intranet. Students, faculty, and administrators are encouraged to contact the JEFFLINE Editor to submit appropriate materials or announcements for inclusion in JEFFLINE.

AISR's Interface Advisory Group is responsible for developing Web policy and guidelines. The JEFFLINE Editor is responsible for implementing Web policy. Please contact the JEFFLINE Editor with any questions. AISR's Education Services Department also provides Web development services for a fee.

Visit the JEFFLINE Milestones tour to see how JEFFLINE has developed since 1986.

Comments & Recommendations

Your opinions about JEFFLINE, its contents, arrangement, and services, are welcome. Be sure to include your email or other contact information on the comment form if you would like a response.

Your suggestions for new Web sites, books and journals are also welcome.

Contact Information